When I came to Europe I didn’t know what I was going to do…

This is going to be a bit more personal of a post than I am used to writing, but I am in the process of a life-transition that bears some explanation.

I moved to Europe six years ago. After 36 years of living in the United States (save for one spent as an exchange student when I was 18) I was leaving the country of my birth. The reason for this change? A government-induced mid-life crisis.

You see, my wife (who, btw, I first met as…

Participants in an online forum about organizing in the crisis.

The following is from an October panel discussion organized by the
European Community Organizing Network (ECON) as part of an on-going dialogue between organizers and members of the European philanthropic community. In April, ECON also organized a pair of sessions for organizers to think strategically about response to crisis. A write-up of that session can be found in this report.

This discussion was moderated by Romy Krämer of the Guerrilla Foundation. The text has been edited for length and clarity.

How has European community organizing evolved over the last year?

Dagmara Kubik: We started as organizers working with neighborhoods. But we realized that we needed to start working…

Note: This story documents a training course on community organizing run for the German left party (Die Linke) by Steve Hughes of the Working Families Party and Steve Williams of LeftRoots.

For the Rosa-Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS), the journey into the idea of transformative community organizing began with a conference in 2012, and has developed through a combination of trainings and small investments in model projects around Germany. From these model projects a body of experience has been developed, as have a core group of increasingly experienced organizers. …

(Editor’s note: this conversation between organizers and funders took place in Berlin at the end of 2019. It was a very different world. Now everything has changed with the coronavirus crisis. However, in an environment of extreme social isolation, closing borders, and great uncertainty, this discussion of the role organizing plays in building an open and resilient democratic society feels more relevant than ever before.)

In December of 2019, a group of community organizers and funders gathered at the Berlin offices of the German Marshall Fund to discuss concrete ways to build the European community organizing movement.


The European Community Organizing Network (ECON) is leading a European-wide process of building stronger ties and understanding between community organizers working on national and regional organizing initiatives and European funders seeking to engage meaningfully with…

This story was co-authored by Steve Hughes and Valery Alzaga.

What happened?

Whatever else your hear, let’s be clear: Barcelona en Comú is not going anywhere. In the city’s system of proportional representation, they are tied with the main opposition party for seats in City Hall. A historic 64% of voters in the city voted for a left-wing candidate, and Barcelona won 6 out of 10 of the city’s districts. The opposition won only 2 city districts. In the immediate term, BComú has the task of negotiating a governing coalition for the city. Anything can still happen.

What is clear is that…

If you were a drink, what would you be? That was the question that kicked off the first-ever Working Families Party “Spring School,” a gathering co-organized by the Organizing Department of the Working Families Party and the Working Families Academy. WFP members and staff, movement activists and organizers from around the United States, and a delegation of international political organizers all made a case for their favorite beverage. A mojito, said one. A gin and tonic said a Momentum activist from the UK. A Rockstar energy drink said a union member from North Carolina. …

“The Corporations Want Us to Be Separated” — a short video about the Working Families Academy delegation to Madrid from October 4–8, 2017

Corporations and banks coordinate around the globe. Governments around the world pushed austerity in response to the Wall Street recession. And now a current of far-right ethno-nationalism is rising around the world too — and coordinating across borders.

Shouldn’t we — the inclusive, multiracial, populist left — be coordinating too?

The rise of the radical right in Europe and the United States

In 2017, the first openly nationalist party entered the German parliament since WWII. It is now the the third largest party in Germany. In Hungary, Viktor Orban…

Members, leaders and staff of Working Families, part of the WFA 2017 delegation to Madrid.

From October 4–8, 2017 ten members, leaders, and staff of Working Families attended a “summer school” of the European left as part of a delegation sponsored by the Working Families Academy. The school was organized by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, and Working Families people led two workshops, provided the keynote address on the second night, and had scores of conversations with social movement leaders from every corner of Europe — North, South, East and West.

Here are responses from members of the WFA delegation to the questions What is the biggest lesson you will take away from your time in…

Largest discussion forum within the UK Labour Party covers development of the Working Families Academy.

(Editors note: this article was originally published on LabourList by the site’s guest editor Jon Trickett MP. LabourList also ran this story about the Working Families Party at the same time.)

The Working Families Party was founded in 1998 by a group of progressive labor unions, community organizations and elected officials who had grown dissatisfied with the rightward drift of the Democratic Party under Bill Clinton. The Democratic Party of that era — with its embrace of “third way” politics — gave America financial deregulation…

From October 4–8th a Working Families Academy delegation will participate in an international conference of approximately 80 representatives of European left parties and social movements taking place in Madrid, Spain. Members of the delegation will be participating and speaking in various workshops, panels and keynote sessions, as well as having an opportunity to build relationships with people fighting some of the same fights we face in the United States.

Take a moment to meet the Academy delegation…

Alwiyah Shariff

National Membership Coordinator

Alwiyah Shariff is the Working Families Party National Membership coordinator/mentor. She comes from Columbus, OH where she was the Civic…

Steve Hughes

Organizer and educator with over 20 years of movement experience. From the US, living in Europe. Creating the ties that bind for international power building.

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